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Dreams pregnant womanDid you see pregnancy in the dream?

If you see in your dream that you are pregnant, it means that you want to free yourself from grief you carry inside you, or that you will face some sadness that will easily overcome. This dream  reveals certain weaknesses and lack of confidence in yourself.

If you see a pregnant woman coming towards you, heartache is predicted but you will get over it soon.

If you see your relatives being pregnant positive things will happen in your life.

If you see in your dream a pregnant woman giving birth, you will have great success in the professional field. If you see this woman giving birth to twins or triplets, then your success will be huge: you will acquire enormous wealth and power. But if the newborn goes dead, you will have troubles and worries. If  the  baby is born with problems in your dream, pay attention for radical changes that will likely occur in your life.

pregnancy Dreams

If you are a woman and dream that you are pregnant, it is very likely to get pregnant.

If you see in your dream that you give birth, it means that you feel the need for more care. Perhaps there is a health problem and your genitals.

If you are a married woman and dream that you're  pregnant, it means that you will not be happy with your husband and would make jealousy scenes. Very likely to wrangle with your husband.




Dreams with pregnant wife

 If you're a man and pregnant in the dream you will suffer from financial losses and you'll be almost destroyed. It's very likely to divorce from your wife. Also very likely to get sick. But if you are unmarried you will do a very good marriage.

 If you dream that your wife is  pregnant, you will face professional problems gently.

For a girl who is a virgin, such a dream means she will face scandals and personal attacks.

If you are a woman who has no boyfriend, and you see that you are pregnant, it means that you will escape the bad feelings you have for your personal life and you will feel ready to welcome a new love in your life. Thus, the girl who dreams that she is pregnant, will soon meet her partner.

If a girl is not married and sees that she is pregnant, the others say bad things about the way she behaves.

If a woman is already  pregnant and actually dreamed of her pregnancy, this means that she will have a good birth and will regain her powers soon.



pregnant dream woman



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