Kindergarten worksheets PDF offers online for free a great collection of Kindergarten worksheets, to print on A4 sheets! Not only worksheets, but also colored or black and white flashcards & wall cards. Also available coloring pages in black and white and nice coloring pages with an example colored picture on.

Discover here an online sample of the whole Kindergarten worksheets collection of, in PDF format!

The word kindergarten translates into garden for children. A piece of land was an important part of the kindergarten, which was a place where children could interact with nature as well as play, plant, nurture, explore, observe and discover.
Kindergarten is a program generally for 5-year-olds, but sometimes includes 4-to-6-year-olds, that offers developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to build the child’s social and academic skills and to prepare them for the transition into first grade, and for school in general.

Download free printable Kindergarten worksheets in pdf

This great PDF file contains some sample Kindergarten worksheets of each category, like:

- ANIMALS (farm animals, pet animals, sea animals, jungle animals, arctic animals)
Coloring pages with an example colored picture and worksheets for each category of animals.

Fruits coloring pages and fruits coloring pages with an example colored picture.
110 preschool worksheets for fruits (Spring fruits, Winter fruits, Summer fruits and Autumn fruits). 

--sizes, like big-small, tall-short, long-short, heavy-light, wide-narrow, equal size
--positions, like on-under, in front of-behind, inside-outside, left-right, high-low, far-near
--comparison, like as many as and matching worksheets

Download 50 free printable Kindergarten worksheets PDF
- PREWRITING worksheets, which help kids to trace on dashed lines and shapes.
-- Horizontal lines prewriting worksheets
-- Vertical lines prewriting worksheets
-- Slanting lines prewriting worksheets
-- Zig-zag lines prewriting worksheets
-- Curved lines prewriting worksheets

A nice collection of  numbers worksheets, numbers coloring pages, counting worksheets, numbers' recognition worksheets and tracing numbers worksheets.

-- with uppercase letters
-- with lowercase letters
-- with pictures and words 
-- with pictures and letters
-- with pictures, letters  and words 

- Alphabet practicing uppercase letters
- Alphabet practicing lowercase letters
- Alphabet practicing uppercase and lowercase letters


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60 free printable kindergarten worksheets [60 PAGES PDF]

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