Free and printable Grammar worksheets with a lot of grammar exercises for Junior B level of ESL - English as Second Language - Beginners level.

There are available 30 differrent Grammar Units, one for each Vocabulary Unit of Junior B level.  

You can find here the suggested ESL Junior B Vocabulary list.



ESL JUNIOR B Grammar Yle:

- The indefinite article (a/an)
- The verb to be
- Possessive adjectives
- The verb to have got
- Present Continuous
- The verb to can
- Possessive case ('s)
- Prepositions of Place (in, on, under, behind, in front of , next to)
- Countable & Uncountable Nouns (many, much, a lot of, some & any)
- The verb to must
- Present Simple
- Adverbs of Frequency (always,never,often,sometimes,usually)
- Imperative
- -ing form of the Verb as Noun
- Degrees of Adjectives
- Past Simple The verb to be
- Past Simple
- Future with Going to form


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Junior B Free Printable Grammar Worksheets




Whether you are a teacher or a parent you can explore this website and  print from here every day a Grammar worksheet for the Grammar of the Day, for example for Present Simple.

These ESL grammar worksheets are ideal for pupils studying at Junior A, Junior B and Senior A classes.


Each grammar worksheet contains two Grammar exercises, Complete the gaps and Answer the questions.


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