The curriculum vitae template is too important for the general appearance of your CV.

This CV form, designed by Europass, is a detailed CV template for everyone searching for a job opportunity.

It's a frugal Word cv template, with some color and small letters.'s Europass CV in Microsoft Word format can help you easily create your european CV at your own PC. You can use it to apply for a job, study or training and volunteering.

The European curriculum vitae was created by the European Union to provide uniformity in the presentation of the qualifications of candidate workers moving in the EU.
The European curriculum vitae is also a summary of the employee's educational and professional qualifications. It follows the format of a 'mixed' type CV and the sections it includes are:
- Professional experience.
- Education and training.
- Additional abilities and skills (such as social, organizational, technical and artistic skills), which were acquired outside the formal educational process.
- Knowledge of foreign languages.
The major disadvantage of the Europass CV template, which many HR managers point out, is that it doesn't leave much room for you to stand out. Today, fewer and fewer European companies are asking for resumes that follow this standard, especially for jobs involving management positions or professions that require a degree of creativity.
Many also consider it outdated and the easy way, so you should take the above into serious consideration before proceeding to write your resume based on this template.
Even if you don't have much experience, it is recommended that you take a look at the structure and modules and integrate them into a more modern template, which you can easily find online. Choose a template that fits your aesthetic, exudes professionalism and can make you stand out.
Finally, if the job you are aiming for is outside the European Union, it would be a good idea to avoid the Europass standard and format your CV appropriately, according to the working culture of the country where the company or organization is based.


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Europass CV WORD

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