Here on  you can find the best online collection for Xmas templates!

These Christmas  templates can fit in an A4 sheet perfectly!


Free letter to Santa template

It's Christmas again... New Year's Eve is coming....
Do you need a blank paper template for the Santa Claus Letter? 

Here we have collected a great collection of nice decorated, free and printable templates for Santa's letter!

All these Santa letterheads include:
Santa's elves, Santa face, reindeers, sleigh with Santa and reindeers (with Rudolph!),  candy canes, wonderful presents, snow at the North Pole, snowed Santa Claus, christmas trees and, sometimes, a sleeping Santa Claus!!!

You can print the best templates for Santa Claus' letters!
There are several templates, vintage Santa letter templates, modern Santa letter templates, also some 3d Santa letter templates.

Letter to Santa template printable

Free printable letter to Santa template


Blank letter to Santa template

You can find printable Santa Claus templates with lines, or simple templates without lines.
These templates can be printed in black and white, too.

Children (also grown-ups / adults) can easily print one of these templates and start writing their address and christmas list. Then, they can print the matching ready envelope for Santa's letter, here.

Ideal for preschool teachers or kindergarten. Also, you can enjoy them at home, with your own children.

Furthermore, there are ready the same Santa letter templates filled with the text, where each child can complete his name / christmas list - find out here!


Find here all blank Santa letter templates